Our Objective

We aspire to elevate healthy lifetime of all people on earth to 100 years, while ensuring that humans are ready for interplanetary travel through development of an artificially intelligent docbot.


We deeply believe in algorithmic healthcare that envisages provision of universal, ultra-low-cost, high-quality healthcare using AI (Artificial Intelligence) amongst many other tools. We provide varied services that enable provision of universal primary healthcare irrespective of geographical location or economic status. Our product Mydocpal is a unique & disruptive, horizontally-integrated project, using our proprietary intellectual property in the area of Multi-dimensional Dependency Structure Matrixes with no global analogues. We are coding artificial medical records and a full-fledged artificially intelligent Doctor (Bachelor in Medicine to begin with, followed by specialists) and aiming to provide services in concurrence with medico-legal requirements.

Meet the team

Our team is geared to provide the best services that are technologically possible in remote healthcare. We are all dedicated and devoted towards making this paradigm shift in healthcare happen.

Deepak Loomba

Founder Director

A polyglot innovator, Deepak is a technopreneur, with experience of working in enterprises from various sectors in Europe, Russia and India. He has more than 30 IPR to his credit in the area of design, physics & material science. He is also a successful business writer with a meaningful contribution of three works - two in English - 'Transformers' & 'Invention of Description'; and one in Russian Преобразователи (Preobrazovateli). He contributes substantial time to the cause of children through his advice and association with Haq Centre for Child Rights in Delhi. He regularly writes on his blog at

Details are available on linkedin

Dr. Rajeev Whig

Chief Medical Officer

A trained Doctor from prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, Dr. Rajeev Whig went much beyond medicine. Behind him is a career spanning work with AIDS patients in US, France & India, intensive medical and counselling work with various neglected sections of society. He also served in India's largest Pharmaceutical Company Ranbaxy and as the Chief Human Resource Officer in his previous assignments. He brings immense understanding of the healthcare sector with a fantastic social side understanding of this business.

V. M. Dhingra

Chief Financial Officer

Trained as a Chartered Accountant, V. M. Dhingra has also underwent higher education in physics from St. Stephen's College. Making him a perfect fit for a technology company, as he has the grasp of a science lover while being excellent at financial numbers. He has worked with various industries through an illustrious career and has been a fund raiser with various companies.