AI aided health & medical records

AI aided health and medical records of AI CORPS EPL envisage a personally controlled health record. We believe that the control over personal health data has to be with the users and not the providers, which is the status quo, currently. We endeavour to empower our users to assess and control their health data. Our personally controlled health records, which will be automatically become accessible to providers in case of medical emergency, will be available along with the entire health history to providers on provision of access by users to providers. Concurrently, we ensure that the user is bound to provide complete and not part access to the providers, so that the poor diagnosis are avoided for lack of complete information. The records using AI, shall draw statistical information on various parameters, and provide guidance to the users and providers on their health indicators, taking into account various biological markers like age, heredity, race, geography, ambiance, work type etc. A world of discoveries awaits mankind on the dynamic impact of various activities on mankind with use of our AI aided health and medical records.